Carbon Nano Si Graphite Composite Cathode Material

- Sep 10, 2016-

Lithium battery anode current technology has reached the limit, in order to meet the needs of a new generation of energy demand, the development of new technology of lithium anode imminent. Si cathode has become one of the most representative new technologies because of its high specific capacity and abundant reserves.           


Compared with the traditional graphite anode, a major obstacle in the way of the industrialization of Si cathode technology is that the amount of rubber is less, and the effect of electrode mixing is not ideal.           


In view of this, Ko et al. Integrated graphite anode technology and Si nano technology, developed a new, large-scale production of C- nano Si- graphite composite cathode material. Lithium in the process of Si nanoshells can be expanded with the volume change, whether it is inside the hollow graphite nano Si shell, or between graphite and carbon nano Si intermediate layer can maintain shape intact, not rupture or residual between Si and graphite.           


This special structure the one hand to ensure that the compatibility between Si and graphite, on the other hand, can effectively avoid the severe side effects of graphite in traditional mechanical mixing and the residual particles caused by Si. SNL company offers 2s lithium battery including: 



According to the industrial algorithm on the electrode density is 1.6 g cm-3, >3.3 mAh cm-2 area capacity, gel content of <4% under the conditions of the composite anode first cycle efficiency in Kulun is 92%, 6 cycles after Kulun efficiency quickly increased to 99.5% after 100 cycles, the capacity retention rate of 96%.           


Further, the researchers used LiCoO2 as the cathode material to form a full battery, found its energy density up to 1043 L-1 Wh, better than the existing standard commercial fossil ink cathode.,113.9159113,16z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x340392f0f6365b7d:0xfb2f860e14c76e1a!2z5oGS6LaF5bel5Lia5Zut!8m2!3d22.675111!4d113.919973!3m4!1s0x340392f0f6365b7d:0xfb2f860e14c76e1a!8m2!3d22.675111!4d113.919973