Chevrolet Bolt Official Production

- Nov 07, 2016-

For friends who like the entry-level electric car, and now has a good news, a new wave of cheap and practical electric car has begun to take the production line. General Motors Corporation has now started in the town of Orion in Michigan began production of its Chevrolet Bolt electric car, and this batch of cars is expected to before the end of the official in California and Oregon on sale, priced at just $30 thousand (about 203 thousand yuan). It is not sure when it will begin to accept reservations, but at least from the production progress point of view, Bolt has been ahead of Tesla's Model 3, which will start until mid next year to produce.          

Once listed, Chevrolet Bolt will become one of the most popular electric vehicles on the market. According to IHS, Bolt in the first year sales are expected to reach 30 thousand units, although bookings with Tesla Model 3 of the first 400 thousand compared to less than 1/10, but as the traditional automobile manufacturers, general electric vehicles for the pace and unlike Tesla so radical, therefore the whole body or to maintain a cautious and prudent attitude.          

However, at least in the U.S. market, Bolt's market should have no small impact on the electric vehicle industry. Currently in the U.S. market, in the field of high-end BMW I3 and Tesla S Model such products, while the low-end models are from Nissan Leaf. The Bolt will change the situation after the listing, as a $30 thousand level of electric vehicles, Bolt has 380 kilometers of mileage, enough for daily commuting and short trips to the user. But for the Bolt after the listing of the biggest problem is the long-distance travel charge problem, after all the current has not started construction of a wide range of charging stations such as Tesla, it is difficult to ensure always in charge when most needed.

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