China And South Korea Set Up NCA Three Yuan Battery Material Joint Venture

- Jan 10, 2017-

Grammy (002340) January 9th evening announcement, for the rapid development of a new generation of NCA three yuan power material technology and business, promote the technical level of the company three yuan battery materials industry chain with international standards, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jingmen gelinmei and Korea ECOPRO company intends to jointly set up the Jingmen funded joint venture and joint venture in South Korea, and signed a joint venture agreement.          

Announcement shows that the two sides will set up a Green Aike in Hubei Jingmen (Jingmen) new energy materials Co., Ltd the main power battery with three yuan (NCA) materials development, production and sales of active material precursor. Will be in Jingmen to build an annual output of 10 thousand tons scale power battery with NCA of three element active substances, as the initial target of not less than 10 thousand tons in 2017 reached three yuan NCA material with NC-P precursor production capacity, the future for the global market to expand the production scale. While South Korea, will set up a joint venture company dedicated to the production and sales of lithium ion two battery precursor.          

It is worth noting that this time the alliance is a lithium industry cooperation between China and South Korea, as well as battery materials and recycling industry chain of a marriage. Shenzhen gelinmei high-tech Limited by Share Ltd is the electronic waste recycling of waste resources recycling utilization of waste batteries, high technology products, is China of electronic waste, waste batteries are economic scale, recycling is one of the leading enterprises. The main products of ECOPRO and NCA, as well as nickel cobalt manganese power battery materials. NCA is currently the world's leading manufacturer of cathode materials, is an international supplier of Samsung SDI and other well-known battery supply chain NCA cathode materials.more NCM or three yuan batteries like