China Draft Electric Vehicle Integration System

- Nov 04, 2016-

German media said, the value of German economy minister Gabriel visit Beijing, a new draft shows that China is working to develop electric vehicle integration system.          

According to Deutsche Welle website reported on November 1st, the Beijing government had not hope for some courage so that more electric cars on the streets, and let their car electric cars become the pioneer of technology market. To this end, China is planning to introduce an integral system. According to the "South German newspaper" reported that the car manufacturers in the future must be integral, that is, to sell the provisions of the proportion of electric vehicles. China's Ministry of industry has been in the draft for several months.          

Reported that the government of Beijing apparently plans to significantly increase sales of electric vehicles. 2018, car manufacturers must make the electric car sales reached 8% of total sales in 2019 reached 10% in 2020 to reach 12%. "South Germany," wrote that if the manufacturer does not reach this requirement, it must reduce production, or in a similar way to the field of energy to buy emissions from other car manufacturers to buy points.          

German news agency reported that the new draft requires manufacturers to apply for permits, not only in China's production, but also in China's R & D. Foreign auto producers must demonstrate their complete mastery of the electric vehicle technology, that is, German companies must hand over their full technology. German news agency quoted an industry source said, if the draft is passed, it will trigger a mandatory, complete technology transfer."          

Reported that this year, the Beijing side apparently can not achieve the goal of driving the electric car or hybrid car doubled. China Automobile Industry Association, a representative to the Shanghai Securities News said that 700 thousand electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles on the road to the goal this year is almost difficult to achieve.          

This has just released the draft so that the German automobile manufacturers to double pressure. In view of the bad air pollution in China's big cities, Beijing's desire to increase the number of electric cars is reasonable.          

But at the same time, the industry pointed out that the draft also means that the competition is distorted as well as the country's auto industry subsidies. If foreign car manufacturers can not meet the provisions of the electric car share, you may want to buy points from the Chinese manufacturer, which is disguised subsidies their competitors.

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