China Electric Vehicle And Power Battery Market War Open

- Sep 08, 2016-

Abstract: Zhang Xiaofei pointed out that the carbon quota and other new deal will continue to tilt the new energy vehicles, while more and more is not conducive to the traditional fuel vehicles, traditional fuel vehicles will be forced to the road of new energy".           


Policy is still the driving force for the development of new energy vehicles. In yesterday's meeting of hundreds of electric vehicle forum, China hundreds of electric vehicle will be a burst blood chairman Chen Qingtai pointed out that domestic enterprises do not last the electric car market the explosive growth that is misleading, in a strong incentive policy of growth is not sustainable.           

As the great expectations of the electric vehicle industry, can really rely on the corner overtaking, car power among the ranks, at present, still faces two major challenges.SNL offers 2s lithium battery as well, including 7.4v lithium ion battery manufacture/factory supplies 


First, government subsidies into the fall channel, the electric car price increase process, can not keep up with the policy back slope process, and in the fall period mainly rely on self development gradually embarked on the road of the market, it has become a key China electric vehicle industry.           

Second, the international auto giants began to force in the field of electric vehicles, China is certainly one of their major market goals. Whether to rewrite the history of the development of China's fuel vehicles, so that China's electric vehicles in the open conditions to achieve technical independence, and to establish a strong international competitiveness, which is the government and enterprises must seriously consider the issue.           


The key to meet these two challenges is to further break through the core technology, to improve the competitiveness of China's electric vehicles.if you need          


High tech lithium battery chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei made a speech entitled "China electric vehicle and power battery market opening ceremony".           

Zhang Xiaofei pointed out that a series of new policies, such as carbon quota will continue to tilt the new energy vehicles, while more and more is not conducive to the traditional fuel vehicles, the traditional fuel vehicles will be forced to the road of new energy". At the same time, Chinese is a big market, whether foreign car enterprises or foreign enterprises to China market look at fiercely as a tiger does the battery.           


In the field of electric vehicles, due to lack of strict supervision, the root cause is the production qualification threshold is corrupt, the domestic new energy vehicle market continued to hit the dragons and fishes jumbled together; to make a number of zombie companies back to life.           


Institute of High Technology Research Institute of lithium (GGII) data show that China's new energy automobile manufacturers, the passenger car business to 65, 39 bus companies, 56 logistics vehicles, other special vehicle 31.           

Which is the most competitive car market, aimed at the world's largest car market, showstopper, intruder, carp are in eager for a fight in the field.           


The spoiler includes hope to break the traditional pattern of Internet business car repairer (LETV, car and home, and the core components of the company's electric Xiaopeng) (universal, Shanshan, Wulong electric, GREE), intruder is Tesla, BMW as the representative of the foreign car companies, it is noteworthy that, at low speed (micro) car factory Denver has also become an important force of the market, the future is expected to Liyudiaolongmen, as these enterprises gradually began to use lithium batteries as power, is expected to become an important force that can not be ignored the development of new energy vehicles.           


Zhang Xiaofei believes that the outbreak of the mini car market will be more popular electric vehicles, new energy products will present the Tesla type of car and the market pattern of the coexistence of micro cars.


Electric cars in China under the war, the power battery war is also four from the smoke. GGII data show that the end of June 2016 China battery 132 enterprises, mainly divided into four categories, 1) has always been the power battery enterprises; 2) digital battery manufacturers transformation; 3) new entrants (state-owned enterprises, listed companies, car factory); 4) other cell transformation; 5) re entrant; in addition local battery enterprises, SDI, LG, Matsushita, Johnson and other enterprises Chinese long coveted market.           


In the choice of technical route, different market segments show different trends. 2015 in the passenger area, pure electric passenger car three yuan ratio continued to increase, and this trend will continue in the next few years, the current mainstream passenger vehicle enterprises mostly involving three yuan three yuan; in 2016 the proportion of passenger cars to rise further, close to 80%;           


Special car area, 2015 is still dominated by lithium iron phosphate, in 2016, the mainstream of special vehicle production enterprises have begun to layout three yuan, 2016 H three yuan in special vehicle applications in the field of more than 40%.           


Bus field: 2016, the Ministry of industry to suspend the inclusion of new energy vehicles to promote the application of three yuan lithium battery car catalog, so in the future for a long time, will be based on lithium iron phosphate battery.           


For the future of the competition, Zhang Xiaofei believes that the China power battery market war is a step forward, is expected to 2017-2018 years of war tragic period, Chinese power battery will experience the process of the dispute, the performance of capacity competition, the price war.    


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