China Is Embracing Booms Of Lithium Ion Batteries​ Year By Year.

- Feb 26, 2017-

The ministry news, 2016 1-12 months, China's battery manufacturing industry products, lithium ion battery has completed production of 7 billion 842 million nature only, the cumulative increase of 35.8%; the month of December to complete production of 844 million natural, an increase of 26.1%.  


Thanks to the rapid growth of China's mobile phones, notebooks and other consumer electronics products, China's lithium-ion battery industry ushered in a rapid development stage. The application of lithium-ion battery market in China has changed significantly in recent years, due to the rapid growth of electric car production, coupled with lithium ion battery electric bicycle permeability increase steadily, power lithium ion battery accounted for the rapid increase.       


According to the relevant agency data show that in 2016 China's automotive power lithium battery production 30.8GWh, an increase of 82%. 2016 domestic power lithium battery production capacity of 42GWh, 2.8 times in 2015. From the technical point of view, the proportion of three yuan in 2016, a large increase in power batteries, from 2015's rise to 23% in 2016, up to 28%.

china is embracing booms of lithium ion batteries year by year.