China Lithium Battery Electrolyte Market 2016

- Nov 08, 2016-

Affected by the rapid development of the lithium battery market, the global lithium battery electrolyte market rapid growth in 2015, the global lithium battery electrolyte production of about 95 thousand tons, representing an increase of 32.92% over the previous year. By the domestic new energy automotive market continues to erupt, the impact of power lithium battery shipments surge in 2015, China's lithium battery electrolyte market rapid development. The survey data of lithium TV data show that the electrolyte lithium ion battery production enterprises in 2015 China 55 thousand tons (including enterprises produced), an increase of 34.25%; in 2015 China electrolyte output value of 2 billion 672 million yuan, an increase of 42.13%. 2016 in the first half of the global electrolyte production was 51 thousand tons, an increase of 19.8%. China was 28 thousand tons, an increase of 20.5%.          

Due to the rapid growth of power lithium battery, electrolyte surge in demand, thereby stimulating the six lithium fluoride Market demand. 2015, the domestic price of lithium six from the beginning of the way up, by the end of six lithium lithium average price of more than 250 thousand / ton, or more than 150%, while in the end of the first quarter of 2016 is more than 400 thousand tons / ton. Lithium electrolyte prices directly benefit the overall average price rise, since 2016, the market price will still keep high electrolyte, the current tends to be stable. In terms of power electrolyte, the proportion of three yuan power electrolyte rises, its average price is higher than the lithium iron phosphate electrolyte.          

From the competition pattern of the electrolyte, the company still occupy the main status of the global lithium battery electrolyte, Chinese enterprises are gradually narrowing the gap with Japan and South Korea enterprises. 2016 first half of the global TOP10 electrolyte in the top three were occupied by Japan and South Korea, the remaining 7 are Chinese Enterprises

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