China Lithium Battery Separator Market In 2016

- Nov 08, 2016-

Affected by the rapid development of the lithium battery market, the global lithium battery separator Market rapid growth in 2015, the global lithium battery separator production of about 1 billion 420 million square meters, an increase of 33.1% over the previous year. By the domestic new energy automotive market continues to erupt, the impact of power lithium battery shipments surge in 2015 China lithium battery separator market also achieved rapid development. Lithium data research data show that in 2015 China's lithium battery separator production of 698 million square meters, an increase of 48.89%; in 2015 China's lithium battery separator output value of 2 billion 653 million yuan, an increase of 57.67%. In the first half of 2016, the global lithium battery separator production of 790 million square meters, an increase of 20.8%; China's lithium battery separator production of 400 million square meters, an increase of 31.6%.          

Over the past two years, with the increase in the production of domestic diaphragm, diaphragm production continues to increase, the low-end product market competition is increasingly fierce. According to the survey data showed that lithium TV on the one hand, the current domestic diaphragm performance steadily, the domestic battery business approval, domestic import substitution is the diaphragm diaphragm; on the other hand, Chinese market pattern in the low-end and high-end low-end products overcapacity, serious polarization, serious disorderly competition, mainly occurred in the domestic enterprises in the high-end diaphragm. The film field, China most independent brand enterprises are still at a disadvantage in competition with foreign enterprises in the part of the power battery diaphragm, etc. in the high-end market is still heavily dependent on imports.          

The specific price, in new capacity under the impact of domestic diaphragm prices fell rapidly, nearly five years, the domestic 16 m wet membrane market price from 9.5 yuan / square meter in 2010 2015 fell to 4 yuan / square meters; 16 m dry diaphragm average price from 7.5 yuan / square meters down to 2010 in 2015 of 3.5 yuan / square meters, a decrease of more than 50%. The diaphragm sharp price decline is mainly due to the rapid expansion of production capacity of domestic low-end, diaphragm enterprises adopt price competition strategy to occupy the market; in addition, the downstream electric core problems also exist in the low-end industry overcapacity and disorderly competition, provided the soil to survive low prices for low-end products diaphragm.

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