China's Lithium Battery Industry Favorable Factors

- Nov 28, 2016-

Analysis on the development factors of China's lithium battery industry          

Favorable factors          

(a) industry standards, the introduction of norms          

In recent years, charging treasure, mobile power development is rapid, the market is hot, there is a very wide range of applications. Because the threshold is low power mobile access, the industry is also a lack of mandatory standards, so the product quality safety accident of mobile power It is often seen. uneven in quality, spontaneous combustion and explosion. China's first lithium ion battery mandatory standards - "portable electronic products with lithium batteries and battery safety requirements" in August 1, 2015 formally implemented, the standard is conducive to the healthy development of lithium battery industry.          

Forecast analysis of China's lithium battery industry in the next 5 years          

In order to strengthen the management of lithium-ion battery industry, improving the development level of the industry, leading the industry to upgrade and structural adjustment, promote the sustained and healthy development of lithium-ion battery industry in August 31, 2015, the Ministry issued the "industry standard" conditions of lithium ion battery. The file of the establishment, industrial layout and production scale and technology, product quality and performance, the comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection, safety management, health and social responsibility, supervision and management of the specification.          

(two) new energy vehicles          

In 2012, the State Council to discuss the adoption of the "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), the YISHION electric drive is the main strategic orientation of the auto industry restructuring, promotion and popularization of non HEV plug-in, and put forward in 2015, pure electric and hybrid vehicles accumulated production and sales reached 500 thousand units, more than 5 million in 2020 to a target. "Planning" introduced in the invisible for energy saving and new energy vehicles, the core components of the power battery industry outline a huge market profile.          

In July 2014, the State Council issued the "guidance" on accelerating the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, once again stressed the development of new energy vehicles for the national strategy, continue to benefit from the growth of new energy vehicles, lithium battery industry usher in a new round of development opportunities.          

(three) the commercial scale development of energy storage industry          

In June 2014, the State Council issued the "energy development strategy action plan (2014-2020)", will be the first energy storage into the national energy planning, proposed to strengthen the power grid overall planning, scientific arrangement of peak and frequency, storage supporting capacity, effectively solve abandoned wind, waste water and discard problem.          

In June 7, 2016, the National Energy Bureau issued "on the promotion of electric energy storage in power assisted Services North Region compensation (market) Notice" pilot work mechanism, established the first electric energy storage as an independent market main body status, the electrical energy storage auxiliary service market peak in frequency. The new policy will be through the improvement of the supplementary service market compensation mechanism, promote the commercialization of energy storage industry development speed.          

Energy storage technology is a strategic support for the transformation of energy structure in the future and the change of consumption mode in electric power production. In the energy storage technology development and commercialization trends driven by power lithium battery industry as one of the new energy industry will usher in the development of new opportunities. And the scale of the evelopment of energy storage will promote the extension and integration of lithium battery industry chain, to promote the power lithium battery industry in the middle and lower reaches of the capital docking, and market synchronization, to achieve cooperation and win-win.          

(four) widely used 

Lithium ion batteries are widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers, power tools, electric vehicles, street lamps reserve power, air lights, home appliances, can be said to be the largest application groups. At the same time, the lithium battery is widely used in water, fire, wind and solar power and other energy storage power systems, uninterruptible power supply, telecommunications, electric tools, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric vehicles, military equipment, aerospace and other fields.

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