China's Lithium Battery Industry Unfavorable Factors

- Nov 28, 2016-

Unfavorable factors          

(a) security is poor          

In the development of lithium battery, because of the positive and negative electrode materials and their different formulations, there are many problems such as explosion, combustion and so on. On the one hand, when the user is in use, the short circuit caused by incorrect use of the method, there is a burning explosion. On the other hand is the chemical properties of lithium battery is very lively, in conjunction with the graphite anode, once the high temperature, prone to explosion combustion, so usually manufacturers will install lithium battery protection board inside the battery, in order to protect the battery. However, some non brand battery in raw materials and assembling technology and brand batteries have great difference, the line, the protection board quality is not high, it is easy to natural aging.          

(two) economic environment      


2015, the global economic recovery is slow, China's economic structure differentiation, micro variation, unrest intensified. In 2016, the economy will continue to dip Chinese. Affected by the macroeconomic and national policy, the lithium battery industry in the downstream areas of operational risks resulting in increased risk of bad debts, may affect the development of the industry.          

In addition, the lithium battery industry there is a negative phenomenon of repeated investment, disorderly competition, is not conducive to long-term healthy development of the industry.          

(three) foreign occupation of high-end market          

Global lithium battery industry in China, South Korea, Japan and three countries, compared with the Korean Japanese giants, China's large number of enterprises, but the scale is generally not. Market is generally expected that in the second half of 2016, power lithium battery will reach the balance of supply and demand, the industry reshuffle inevitable. And with the Samsung SDI, LG chemical and chemical companies have set up factories in the domestic investment, its domestic power lithium battery manufacturers pressure is self-evident. International giants relative to the domestic manufacturers in terms of consistency, stability, and other aspects of the cycle life has a relatively large advantage, the attractiveness of the downstream vehicle plant is also great. South Korea, Japan and South Korea lithium battery giants have entered China will also play a huge role in the lithium battery industry chain and the domestic new energy vehicle market.          

China's lithium battery industry compared with other countries, the gap is still very obvious core technology, more than 30% of the entire domestic lithium battery materials imported from. To this end, the domestic production of lithium battery core manufacturing costs are very high.          

(four) environmental protection issues          

Lithium battery pollution is not serious, but in the extraction of smelting process, will produce six fluorine lithium phosphate, poly propylene two ethylene and other chemical substances, these substances will cause pollution to the environment.          

Lithium batteries are less polluting to the environment than other batteries, so there are fewer companies recycling waste lithium battery. But the lithium battery waste contains a large number of non renewable metal resources and high economic value, such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, copper and aluminum, if the lithium battery can effectively recycle waste or unqualified, not only can reduce the waste battery file pressure on the environment, but also can avoid the cobalt, nickel and other metal waste of resources.         


2017-2021 China lithium ion battery production forecast       


2015, China's lithium ion battery production was 5 billion 600 million, an increase of 3.1%. 2016 1-9 months, production reached 5 billion 240 million, an increase of 32.8%. We expect that in 2017 China's lithium ion battery production will reach 7 billion 350 million, the next five years (2017-2021) with an average annual compound growth rate of about 7.17% in 2021 China's lithium ion battery production will reach 9 billion 700 million.          

2017-2021 China lithium ion battery sales revenue forecast          

2014, China's lithium battery product sales revenue of 71 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 21%; in 2015, sales revenue of about 92 billion yuan. We expect that the lithium ion battery in 2017 China sales revenue will reach 123 billion 800 million yuan, the next five years (2017-2021) compound annual growth rate of about 16.89% in 2021, lithium ion battery China sales revenue will reach 231 billion 100 million yuan.

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