Chinese Integrated Standardization Technology System For Lithium Ion Battery

- Nov 10, 2016-

According to the Ministry on November 9th news, in order to promote the lithium-ion battery industry healthy and orderly development, to further enhance the normative guidance, standards for industrial development and the leading role of the Ministry organize relevant units, standardization organizations and technology organization formulated the "comprehensive standard lithium ion battery standardization technology system".          

The document mentioned that in 2020, the technical level of standard lithium ion battery technology reached the international level, comprehensive standard system of lithium ion batteries formed a scientific and reasonable, advanced technology, coordination, and revision of standard 80, including 70 new standards (3 mandatory standards, 67 recommended standards), revised recommendation standard 10, meet the overall development of lithium-ion battery industry demand.          

The document pointed out that the comprehensive standard lithium ion battery technology system mainly includes basic and general materials and parts, design and manufacturing, manufacturing and testing equipment, batteries and other 5 categories, 18 small classes, a total of 231 projects covering the standard.          

According to the Ministry of statistics, since 2009, the new energy automobile accidents in China a total of 31 cases, of which 17 occurred since 2015, in which 17 accidents in 4 from the battery system accident, since there are 6 related components of the accident, 2 were charging system caused by defects, of course there are 5 is caused by improper use or illegal modification. As of the end of 2015, the accident rate of 0.17 per thousand, higher than the world average level more than doubled.          

The single battery is one of the factors affecting the safety of electric car; the other is the battery system, perhaps due to the lack of overall design rationality, all parts of the design space and no unified planning, to enhance the risk of accidents probability.

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