Christmas LED Strip Light Outdoor Use Battery

- Nov 19, 2017-

Christmas LED Strip Light Outdoor Use Battery 

  • 1. Voltage: 12v

  • 2. Capacity: 4400mah

  • 3. Configuration: Samsung/LG icr 18650 3s2p

  • 4. Size: 37*57*67mm, small

  • 5. Plug: 5.5*2.1mm SR 9*7

  • 6. Plug use: for both charging and discharging

  • 7. Wrap: in pvc, waterproof

  • 8. Cable length: 100mm

  • 9. BMS: SKII scheme, overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection

  • 10. HS code: 8507600090

  • 11. Warranty: 2 years

  • 12. Package: 10kg/ctn

  • 13. Application: T4/T6/T8 light, miner lamp, searchlight, lighting devices, emergency light,alarm system,emergency light system,standby power supply, CCTV Camera,LED Strip,alarm monitoring, solar led light, solar street light etc.

What is DC power supply?

DC power supply refers to all kinds of dry batteries, batteries and solar cells which can directly supply DC current. According to the supply voltage, the DC power supply can be divided into the following forms: low voltage drive, transition voltage drive, high voltage drive