City Hot Topic -- More Than 100 Battery Companies Are Forced To Move Out Longhua District

- Aug 15, 2016-

Longhua office requires all batteries enterprises to leave Longhua district. No matter big or small battery companies.


Last month, Longhua district caused two fires. Both are from lithium battery factory, where belongs to Longhua district.


So Longhua launched a massive safety production reorganize activities. Sealed up 100 above battery factories and battery small workshop, requires to move out Longhua district within deadline, otherwise, official party will cut off power supply, water, seal up and arrest people.


Many battery company bosses worry and complains, also cause a series social problem:


1. Battery company will loose experienced battery worker. Many worker do not want to go to other places, therefore, even caused labor contract lawsuit.

2. New working place need lots of money to rent workshop, for decoration and shipping etc. but the old factory also have contract with original real estate. if leave during time to the deadline, these battery company will also pay liquidated damages.

3. Above all these, suppose a battery company successively relocated to a new place, these battery factories are also facing recuit new workers, while these workers are new to batteries. These new battery workers takes time to be experienced. therefore, production will be affected consequently. even for those high tax payers have no exception.