Cobalt Cost Increase Will Make IPhone 8 Batteries More Expensive

- Mar 02, 2017-

We are available for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 should be the most intelligent mobile phone this year, everyone's attention, after all, this year marks the ten anniversary of the birth of iPhone. According to some rumors, this year's iPhone 8 screen will become larger than before, the quality of the screen will be further improved. At the same time, there are rumors that Apple will redesign the layout of iPhone 8, so that it can be equipped with a larger battery.          

According to last year's dismantling of IHS, iPhone 7 battery cost is about $2.5. That is to say, in increments of 40%, perhaps let Apple spend a dollar, moreover, with Apple's ability, maybe they could let the numbers continue to decline, but analysts said that Apple may face a new problem that cobalt prices have more than doubled, especially have soared in recent month.          

Cobalt is one of the most critical metals used in lithium batteries, and there is no doubt that the rise in the price of cobalt will certainly make the cost of making iPhone batteries more expensive. Although this thing looks fine, but when Apple added wireless charging, when the larger screen, we will see the cost of growth, but Apple will try to protect their profit margins, so far-reaching, analysts believe that the price of iPhone 8 seems more than iPhone 7 is inevitable the.

in short words, that because of cellphone lithium ion battery critical raw material cobalt cost increase greatly by 40% above since last October, it is inevitable result in iphone 8 battery cost increased, that will finally shows in iphone 8, which price would exceed iphone 7 as analyse show.