Comparison Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Four Power Batteries

- Jan 03, 2017-

We usually say that most of the main power battery lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium manganese batteries, lithium cobalt oxide and lithium battery three yuan (three yuan nickel cobalt manganese).          

All types of batteries have advantages and disadvantages, can be summarized as:          

Three element lithium battery:  

Advantages: high energy density, high compaction density          

Disadvantages: poor safety, high temperature resistance, poor life, high power poor discharge, toxic elements (three yuan lithium battery charging and discharging power after the high temperature, high temperature after the release of oxygen is extremely easy to burn).          

Acid iron lithium battery

Advantages: long life, large charge and discharge rate, good safety, high temperature, good elements, low cost          

Disadvantages: low energy density, low density.          

Lithium manganese battery

Advantages: high density, low cost          

Disadvantages: poor high temperature resistance, lithium manganate used for a long time after the temperature increased sharply, battery life, serious attenuation.          

Lithium cobalt oxide battery:          

Usually used in 3C products, poor safety, not suitable for power batteries          

Lithium batteries because of the chemical properties of lithium is very lively, making lithium metal processing, preservation, use, very high environmental requirements.          

Lithium battery positive and negative electrodes to avoid contact with the positive and negative electrode. In the use of a certain period or a fierce collision, the lithium battery anode diaphragm internal prone to dislocation, the internal lithium battery anode is directly connected, have short circuit, causing the battery to spontaneous combustion.          

Ordinary lithium ion battery electrolyte for organic liquid, at a lower temperature can produce side effects, produce gas, after expansion is easy to cause combustion and explosion. If the electrolyte leakage in the collision, it is easy to catch fire.          

If the occurrence of violent collision fuel vehicles, unless the tank rupture, auto ignition. In contrast, after the fuel vehicle collision occurs, the probability of fire is lower than the electric car.          

Compared with fuel vehicles, electric vehicles although more environmentally friendly, but still very high risk of power battery, and after the fire on the car fire extinguisher is difficult to fire; for electric vehicles, how to solve the power battery safety is still very important.

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