Countdown 9 Days! 2016APEC Lithium New Energy Summit Curtain Will Start

- Nov 23, 2016-

Benefit from the new energy automotive market driven, China has surpassed Japan and South Korea to become the world's largest lithium battery production base and consumer market. According to data statistics, the first half of 2016, the global lithium battery production is 56.42GWH, which China's lithium battery production is 28.15GWH, China's lithium battery production accounted for 50% of the world. According to the lithium TV University data is expected in 2018 China's lithium battery production will exceed 100GWH, the next three years compound growth of more than 30%, of which the power type battery will become the main growth engine.          

There is no doubt that China's lithium battery industry has made rapid development in the past, but also ushered in a huge market opportunities, but also faced a lot of challenges in the industry. Such as frequent security accidents, by the national policy fluctuations, large scale enterprises disorderly expansion, investment overheating and a series of problems. While China's lithium battery industry to achieve better development and greater breakthroughs, the need for more innovative technology, more in-depth industrial chain collaboration and a higher perspective of the industry chain.          

In order to encourage innovation and development of the industry, large data joint research starting point, lithium electric data co sponsored 2016APEC lithium new energy summit. The summit aims to build lithium batteries and new energy industry leaders dialogue platform, promote the industry chain more efficient and in-depth cooperation, promote the new lithium battery energy industry sustainable development.

2016APEC lithium New Energy Summit and the second session of the starting point of Jinding Awards           Third meeting notice          

Leader - - innovation - cooperation - win                      

Organizer: Li TV data          

Co organizer: electric data, the research starting point of          

Activity time: December 2016 1-2 day          

Venue: Chinese Shenzhen Kai Li in the 3 floor of the hotel's banquet hall I          

Meeting size: 800-1000 people          

Associated Media: automotive electric vehicle network resources          

China new energy vehicles new material intercontinental network media          

First financial daily economic news Shanghai Securities News          

Shenzhen special zone daily Shenzhen daily

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