Daimler Intends To Invest $11 Billion To Develop Electric Vehicles

- Nov 27, 2016-

Beijing time on November 26th morning, according to foreign media reports, research director Thomas Webb luxury car maker Daimler (Thomas Weber) said in an interview with a German daily, the company plans to invest up to 10 billion euros ($11 billion) to the development of the electric car.          

Major German car manufacturers are making significant investments in the field of electric vehicles, after these companies have been to avoid investment in this area, because the cost is higher, and a single charge mileage limited. But today, the development of battery technology, as well as diesel related scandals have made electric vehicles benefit. Technology advances have made the mileage of electric vehicles up to 50%, prompting the public car, Daimler and BOSCH group and the mainland group and other suppliers have made a large investment in their.          

"By 2025, we wanted to develop 10 types of electric vehicles based on the same architecture." Webb in an interview with the German "Stuttgart daily" (Zeitung Stuttgarter) Saturday edition of the interview. "To this end, we want to invest up to 10 billion euros."          

Webb added that in these 10 kinds of models developed by Daimler plans, 3 will be Smart brand models, and said with battery becomes larger because of the car's single charge mileage up to 700 km.          

In September, a well-known Daimler plans sources said, the carmaker plans to launch at least 6 electric cars, this is part of the company and Tesla and Volkswagen's Audi Department launched a competition plan.          

Daimler also said on Friday that the company would continue to sell diesel powered cars on the US market, a contrast to its German rival Volkswagen.          

"At present we have not decided, also did not consider the withdrawal of diesel vehicles from the United states." A spokesman for Daimler said, denied the "Der Spiegel" (Der Spiegel) previously reported, the report said Daimler is considering next year to stop the sale of gasoline in the United states.          

In contrast, Volkswagen's namesake brand Global CEO Herbert Dis ((Herbert Diess) said on Tuesday that the company will not be for us consumers with diesel powered cars, thus ending the market prior to the company may after the scandal out of people's memory of cheating in the emissions to return to the market speculation.

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