DC 25.6v Li Ion Battery Pack Recharge Where Buy?

- Feb 18, 2018-

DC 25.6v li ion Battery Pack Recharge Where Buy?

industrial is widely using high DC voltage output power supply for 25.6v systems. e.g. solar home pv, solar street light, electric fork lift etc.

different application has different requirement on Battery Pack.  Li-ion Battery pack power input & output model, e.g. AC-DC or DC-AC, should be designed based on application requirements.

here is a brief battery spec. for review:

DC Voltages  Nominal: 25.6 V

Amp Hours: 126 Ah

Wh Capacity: 3,225.6 Watt Hours

Max Peak Current: 160 Amps  5 minutes

Max Current: 140 Amps 15 minutes

Size & Weight: can be oem according to your device

Communications: RS485, others.

Recharge: rechargeable

more battery requirement can be designed, e.g. smart, voltage supervision, protection, communication, display etc.