Depth Discussion: Power Batteries

- Dec 20, 2016-

The day before, at the global conference of "new energy automotive battery: global competition and the next generation technology discussion, Huating power CEO Zhou Pengdong as the host and Nissan Kai Chen Department Vice Minister Hong Bin, vice president Beek, vice president of Zhen Bo Liao battery power director Deng Zhuo Lun Hao power battery safety and the energy density, cost, capacity and other issues in depth discussion.


Core tip: for battery supplier selection, Hong Bin said the first consideration is the safety performance of the battery, the cost is the most important, the current account for the cost of the battery electric vehicle cost inside 1/3 to about half, at the same time that the choice of domestic battery suppliers is the future development trend of the host plant, cooperation projects will be in the future in the domestic promotion and power battery manufacturers have battery recycling. In the battery business point of view, Liao Zhenbo said the future to pay more attention to the development of some electric core itself, from the material system will be changed and he believes that the first iteration, to ensure product quality of the equipment, if equipment is not enough, so just play a supporting role to strengthen management. According to the industrial hollowing and other issues, Deng Guanhao said that the current domestic current level of equipment is still lacking, the technical level is also lacking, so that a lot of new energy vehicles, large-scale enterprises to South Korea and Japan to hire some high-end talents. The original intention is to effectively enter this market, but on the objective capital also led to a large number of overcapacity, this overcapacity inevitably fall into a vicious circle.


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