Development Of Power Battery Industry In China In Three Stages

- Mar 19, 2017-

Power battery is the heart of electric vehicles, is the key to the development of new energy automotive industry.          

With the international development trend of the power battery industry judgment, "action plan" put forward three steps to promote the development of China's power battery: 2018, upgrade the existing product price, guarantee high quality battery supply; in 2020, the existing technical improvement of the new generation of lithium ion battery to achieve large-scale applications based on 2025, the new battery system; the new chemical principle and strive to achieve technological change and development test. Specific development goals of the 5 aspects:          

One is the product performance significantly improved, in 2020 the power battery system than the existing level of energy than doubled to reach 260 kwh / kg, the cost dropped to 1 yuan / kwh in the following 2025, the power battery monomer ratio energy of 500 WH / kg;          

Two is to meet the needs of large-scale use of product safety, to achieve safe production and use of the entire life cycle;   


Three is a reasonable and orderly development of industrial scale, in 2020 the total production capacity of 100 billion kwh, the formation of production and marketing scale of more than 40 billion hours of leading enterprises;          

Four is the key materials and components made a major breakthrough in 2020 to form the core competitiveness of the innovative backbone enterprises;          

The five is to support the development of high-end equipment industry, in 2020 the development of intelligent equipment, manufacturing costs significantly reduced.more lithium batteries like: