Development Technology Of Long Battery Life

- Dec 10, 2016-

On December 2016 7-9, with a "global vision and China strategy: the new pattern, new thinking and new trend" as the theme of the 2016 engineering lithium and Electric Vehicle Symposium in Shenzhen Venus was held at the Royal hotel.          

In the special overseas held in December 9th, introduced its development layout and industry trends from Honda, Dongli, Asahi ruiweng, Showa denko, Sumitomo metal, SONY, MITSUBISHI, Ube chemical materials enterprises, such as Japan and South Korea lithium battery, vehicle and other leading companies.          

LG chemical battery research fellow Young Kim Je as the theme of the development of long range of electric vehicles in the current situation, the introduction of new trends in the development of power battery technology.          

Solar energy, electric cars, and automatic driving will greatly change the energy industry and the automotive industry." Je Young Kim believes that electric vehicles as the carrier in the future to subvert the world, improve mileage is the urgent need to improve the problem currently facing.          

As is known to all, LG relies on a high degree of chemical and material science, and continuously improve the battery performance and reduce costs, become the international well-known car prices of power battery suppliers.          

Excellent product performance and cost advantages become the two swords LG market storm. It is reported that LG is a lot of companies and R & D life 300 miles of electric vehicles.          

Tesla uses cylindrical battery as the power battery, 18650 hot start. At the beginning of the 18650 only 1300 Ma battery, the theory should be 1800 Ma, but in the later development to 3200 Ma, the battery capacity is visible. This is due to the development of technology, such as diaphragm, cathode materials and other materials technology is evolving, so the energy density of lithium batteries to improve, and reduce the cost.          

"Now LG some unique technologies, such as stacking technology, ceramic coating, etc., but the cost is still high." Young Kim Je said that the future will continue to work hard in terms of energy density and cost reduction.

In this lecture, how to make the power battery for high energy density is a key problem in Je Young Kim explained, he believes that the battery can increase the nickel rich component or rich manganese (Mn rich works under 4.7V), or the use of silicon based materials (such as silica, silicon carbon); and increase the space utilization. Cathode material usage; consider how to achieve a high density electrode, such as mixed use of different materials or compression more tightly; diaphragm, metal foil thinner, and high performance adhesives, higher conductivity materials etc..          

For the next generation of Je Young battery, Kim, lithium air battery lithium sulfur batteries, and solid-state batteries are the trend of the future, but at present in the industry and cost control there are still many challenges, this is a common problem in front of the whole industry, needs the cooperation between enterprises to break through.

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