Discussion On Application Mode Of Independent Battery Energy Storage Power Station And Suggestions For The 3 Major Development

- Sep 06, 2016-

Application status of energy storage in new energy power generation    


1 application status of energy storage in new energy power generation           


China and renewable energy related energy storage applications, mainly divided into two types. One is the client application of distributed generation and micro grid energy storage, the other is the centralized power plant scenery (renewable energy grid) energy storage applications. According to the Zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance incomplete statistics, as of the end of two, the cumulative installed capacity of these 2015 categories has more than 80% of the Chinese market, from the number of projects, but also far ahead of other applications. SNL is a professional lithium battery supplier, which also is an electric bike battery manufacture/factory supplies 36v lithium Battery,36v battery, 48v battery,48v lithium ion battery,48v 10a and so on.


Zhangbei scenery storage and transportation demonstration project (first phase) is located in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, the first phase of the construction of 100 thousand kilowatts of wind power, photovoltaic power generation 40 thousand kilowatts, 20 thousand kilowatts of energy storage. The beginning of December 2011, the energy storage system are put into operation, the operation of the storage of 190 thousand kilowatts, in particular: BYD lithium iron phosphate 6000kW/36000kWh; Dongguan new energy lithium iron phosphate, 4000kW/16000kWh universal, lithium iron phosphate; 1000kW/2000kWh; air lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, Al, 3000kW/9000kWh; 1000kW/500kWh; Puneng. All vanadium redox flow battery, Nandu power, 2000kW/8000kWh; 1000kW/6000kWh; dual, lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries, 1000kW/6000kWh.      


State power and wind energy storage project in Beizhen

Located in Jinzhou City, Beizhen Province, Liaoning City, the wind power installed capacity of 99 thousand kilowatts, 8000 kilowatts of energy storage. Put into operation in January 2015, energy storage system specifically for the Dongguan new energy lithium iron phosphate, 3000kW/6000kWh; God, lithium iron phosphate 1000kW/2000kW; air lithium, lithium iron phosphate, 1000kW/2000kWh; Dalian Raycom, VRB, 2000kW/4000kWh; super capacitor set, star technology, 1000kW/83.33kWh.          


Longyuan Faku Wau stone wind farm project          

Located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, the wind power installed capacity of 50 thousand kilowatts, the energy storage capacity of 50 billion. Put into operation in February 2013, the energy storage system: vanadiumredoxflow battery, Dalian Raycom, 5000kW/10000kWh.          


CLOU electronic scenery storage project          

Gansu province is located in Yumen City, PV installed capacity of 15 thousand kilowatts, wind power installed capacity of 10 thousand kilowatts, 10 thousand kilowatts of energy storage scale. Put into operation in June 2016, the energy storage system for lithium iron phosphate lithium iron phosphate (6000kW; mobile storage power station) 4000kW.          


Photovoltaic wind power consumptive difficult in our country, the "Three North", mainly for centralized storage power plant scenery, applied in this field, the main role for the peak, smooth output, tracking program output and auxiliary power grid safe and stable operation.


At present, the main problem faced by China's energy storage in the application of new energy power generation is the lack of profit model.          


In theory, the energy storage can improve the wind power quality, reduce power pressure, provide ancillary services in the power market, but these applications, are currently not involved in the mechanism and settlement way clear, therefore not properly measure the value, and get the corresponding return.           


At present, in the wind peak, is the application of comparison can clearly calculated energy to the lithium ion battery system 1kwh as an example, the calculation shows that the peak is not that storage can get enough economic benefits:           


Lithium ion battery storage 1kwh system, includes a battery body, a battery management system, PCS etc., the domestic cost of about 2500-3000 yuan, according to 3000 cycles, each of the 80% charge discharge depth calculation, not to consider the other, the life cycle cost of electricity is about 1.04 yuan -1.25 yuan           


Energy storage in peak, purchase price for the abandoned wind electricity price, electricity price for wind power tariff, assuming the price of abandoned wind is zero, the system charge discharge efficiency of 90%, while the charge and discharge of electricity revenue for wind power tariff

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