Discussion On Application Of Cylindrical 18650 Lithium Ion Battery In Electric Vehicle

- Jan 12, 2017-

No matter how much controversy about the use of small cylindrical core for EV, 18650 as a result of high energy density and high cost, become more and more passenger vehicles and logistics vehicles an important choice. 18650 has the advantages of high maturity, consistency, high energy density, high cost, flexible arrangement; the disadvantage is the number of pack is high, the quality control points. The single electric core greater by the change of interior design, greatly enhance the rate of life, etc., also make the Pack more easily, but also can greatly reduce the energy density (volume and weight), reduces the assembly space by using the flexibility of large size battery with high energy density, most of the low degree of automation the bad process, high cost, poor consistency, and once the terrible consequences of failure.          

At present, the advantages of cylindrical batteries is largely due to the size standard, product maturity and cost competitiveness, and standardization is strong; the larger cylinder 26/32 has failed to become the mainstream; all the new size 20 / 21, is to measure the balance of various factors and the market itself based on the existing strengths of the 18650 both the choice of!