Discussion On New Business Model Of New Energy Vehicles

- Dec 01, 2016-

To do the promotion of new energy automobile lease the following aspects: battery management, national networking identification and management of public service platform; the battery of mechanical construction, enterprises should take the initiative to put battery management system for mechanical structure research, beginning with the current car enterprises have close cooperation; in the national policy, should carry out cooperation demonstration at the building, from top to bottom to promote the rapid development of industry.          

As the future development trend of energy, is the necessary conditions of success for power mode: applications have uniform or on the amount, this is very suitable for power mode; to jointly promote the application and standard to industry alliance or cooperation organization; cooperation set up electric car line service industry chain, so that the battery the operation form predictable business income.          

China's market for the resumption of the resumption of the broad prospects for electric vehicles have been accepted, people are worried about the battery life and charging problems, and long charging time is generally criticized the problem. Through optimizing the network standard national standard + country (battery technology roadmap also emphasized the standardization and industrialization) establish networking development and national networking identification and management of public service platform, the battery performance changes, tracking and prevent cheat up provides technical support. In addition, the "car electric separation" is more conducive to the channel construction of battery echelon use, but also conducive to further optimize and upgrade the battery manufacturers market prospects.

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