Do Not Burn Battery Technology Or Solve The Problem Of Electric Vehicle Fire

- Dec 30, 2016-

In March 19, 2016, the micro macro water cube in Beijing held a More Than Safe| macro micro fuel cell technology conference. The release of non combustion battery technology is micro macro lasted 8 years of research and development of non combustion battery technology. Mainly from the high temperature of the diaphragm, the electrolyte does not burn the active defense, and STL intelligent thermal control fluid technology passive defense two levels to solve the security dilemma of lithium-ion batteries.          

The results show that when the thermal runaway of lithium ion battery, the electrolyte is the most heat release, so it is the most important problem to ensure that the battery does not burn. At the scene, the micro macro shows that the non burning electrolyte does not ignite. After the electrolyte does not burn, high performance separator is also an important guarantee to ensure the safety of lithium-ion batteries. Ordinary lithium-ion battery separator usually low melting point, at 130 degrees Celsius will shrink, resulting in the battery's internal short circuit, thermal runaway. Micro macro put forward the idea of high-temperature diaphragm. Compared with the ordinary PE diaphragm, high temperature resistant diaphragm higher melting point, can ensure that the battery even at 300 degrees Celsius temperature will not shrink, prevent the battery internal short circuit, so as to avoid thermal runaway. In solving the problem of the internal electrolyte and the separator of the lithium ion battery, the utility model is equivalent to setting up the defense measures for the non burning battery. Micro macro has also been immersed in the way of STL intelligent thermal control fluid technology set up a passive defense measures.

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