Domestic Battery Technology Progress Significant Energy Consumption And Power Performance To Be Improved

- Jan 06, 2017-

In recent years China's battery technology is more obvious, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate from 100Wh/kg in 2007 to the current 145Wh/kg, but the slow development in the energy and power performance technology, there is a gap of two or three years. Coupled with last year's subsidy policy has not yet been a prime time, lost a year of development.          

The soul of a nation is innovation, the soul of a country is to create a great enterprise. Many of the new energy automotive industry chain enterprises of different sizes, uneven in quality must cultivate large enterprise, in order to bearing pressure, talent, in order to promote the Chinese new energy automotive industry to become a global leader. Technological progress is the basis for the development of productive forces.          

Haze heavier and heavier, less and less oil, electric vehicles are becoming more and more common understanding.          

The key to technological progress is three, one is security, the other is life, and the three is the energy of the two. This is the core of security issues. There are two ways to solve the security problem, one is the chemical way, through the battery design to solve; the two is the physical way, will be included in the vehicle safety system to protect the solution. This is the key to life issues. Battery at least to do with the vehicle with the same life, coupled with high energy density, the new energy vehicle environmental protection and resource conservation in order to fully reflect the value of. With regard to energy, this is fundamental. First, the battery weight loss, enhance the monomer energy density. A set of 20KWh batteries, to lose weight 100Kg, that is, weight loss of 50%, is very difficult. Vehicle lightweight, need to reduce energy consumption. A 2 ton car, weight loss of 5%, that is, 100kg, vehicle weight loss relative to the battery system is easier to do.

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