Domestic Power Batteries Usher In Opportunities

- Jan 10, 2017-

With the rapid development of new energy automotive industry, China's power battery technology is booming. In December 30, 2016 four ministries issued the "notice" on the adjustment of the application of new energy vehicles subsidy policy, which means that the new energy vehicles and upstream of the battery industry will enter a substantive phase of ascension focus on technical level and product quality.          

The number of China's battery industry is large, and many companies have successfully landed in the A stock market listing, the listed companies in the three quarter of 2016 earnings can be found in performance related company in the traditional cyclical industry downturn, the new energy automotive sector to the good overall performance, driven by the power battery industry have higher.          

Due to the continuing impact of Samsung battery explosion, Korean battery worries gradually surfaced, some domestic automobile manufacturers have begun to quietly change suppliers, some models have been stop sale. China's battery industry has gradually become the primary consideration of automotive manufacturers, for the control of the cost and replacement of the dual consideration, car prices will naturally start second, third suppliers to deal with the battery shortage.          

It is worth noting that, from the previous Ministry announced in accordance with "list of automobile power battery industry standard" conditions of enterprises, including Japan's Matsushita, South Korea's Samsung and LG chemical and other foreign battery manufacturers we are very familiar with were not able to enter the directory. And this, for the domestic battery industry is an opportunity. lithium batteries like: