Dong Mingzhu: Zhou Lewei Will Have Qualified Successors To Succeed Her As Chairman Of GREE Group

- Nov 30, 2016-

November 11th, Dong Mingzhu, according to the relevant provisions of the state and I will, take the initiative to resign from the GREE Group Chairman, directors, legal representative positions, only served as chairman and President of GREE electric.          

But after this, GREE group chairman has always been vacant, there is no official message.          

And on the 22 day, Meng Xiangkai, Party Secretary of the GREE group, as a result of personal changes in the work of the reasons for the application to resign from the company's board of directors.          

According to the Zhuhai SASAC official website announcement, it was decided that Zhou Lewei was appointed director of the Zhuhai GREE Group Co., Ltd., the legal representative and chairman of the Party committee, Secretary Meng Xiangkai, and from the GREE Group Co. Ltd. of Zhuhai party secretary, member of the post.          

It is worth noting that the time of announcement dated 22, on that same day Meng Xiangkai resign.          

Zhou Lewei: male, Han nationality, Guangdong Chaoyang people, born in December 1970, in July 1992 to participate in the work of the party in May 1990. Former Zhuhai airshow chairman, conference and Exhibition Bureau, exhibition group chairman. In October 2015, Guangdong Zhuhai Jinwan District standing committee, deputy director of the municipal Party committee, Aviation Industrial Park Administrative committee.

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