Draft Raised Sharehold To Change Chinese Lithium Battery Industry

- Nov 30, 2016-

Last week, the Ministry issued a "automotive battery industry standard conditions (2017)" the draft, put forward the request to the vehicle battery capacity, the lithium battery enterprises annual production capacity of not less than 8 billion kwh, the provisions of the controversy caused by the industry.          

The new version of the power battery specification will cause the industry monopoly, serious excess capacity, impede technological progress. Why should the country in 2015 announced the "automobile power battery industry norms conditions," the introduction of just two years less than the time it should be revised, and improve the power battery industry access threshold?          

The power battery industry "scattered poor" to improve the access threshold is imperative          

This is to start from the status quo of China's power battery industry. In recent years, with the central and local policy support, financial subsidies and the promotion of social environment, the development of new energy electric vehicles ushered in the golden period". As the core component of the new energy automotive industry chain, the power battery industry has also ushered in the development of a wave of high tide.          

The influx of a large number of social capital, so that the number of power battery industry enterprises explosive growth. According to the Ministry of Statistics: at present, China power battery monomer enterprise has reached 227, is two times the beginning of 2014, the system integration enterprise has 315. A large number of enterprises are not the characteristics of the healthy development of the industry.          

The National Academy of engineering, former vice president, China manufacturing innovation center expert group leader Gan Yong believes that there are serious "scattered poor" situation Chinese power battery industry. Gan Yong said that China's largest power battery enterprises, the market share is only about 14%, the number of large enterprises scattered social funds, most of the power battery production enterprises lack production technology research and development base and guarantee consistency. But with the corresponding is that Japan, South Korea and other power battery manufacturing power are only 3 or so the main power battery factory, R & D capabilities and market share have obvious advantages.          

Insiders said the battery industry for higher security requirements, from material selection, process design, must be strictly controlled, there are higher requirements on enterprise scale and capital are also, if enterprises in order to reduce costs, are more likely to ignore these links, resulting in new energy vehicles big problems in safety. Actual real security to meet the standards of the enterprise, the scale of investment should be more than one billion yuan. A large power battery business person in charge and the media have lamented, and now the entire power battery industry is facing technical scarcity, market disorder and disorderly competition.          

"Some dozen is a business to production equipment from raw materials to the final products, are relying on the" speculation "out of production, the majority of enterprises in the" technology is stolen, money is borrowed, the market is on the low quality and low price products to fight ". These rely on a gun fishing run mentality of established enterprises, the power battery market get dirty, business environment, frequent price wars, rampant debt." The responsible person said, "due to the homogenization of competition, many companies often through the price war, to extend the credit period to get customers, resulting in a lot of enterprises every year around the collection scene."          

At the beginning of this year, a power battery industry conference, many experts have called for the country should be introduced as soon as possible the corresponding industrial policy, improve the industry threshold, to change the Chinese power battery production scattered poor situation. If not standardized, very easy to appear bad money drives out good money vicious price competition.          

863 electric vehicle special major science and technology expert Wang Binggang believes that the new specification coincides with the introduction of the national power battery. "Should be a positive view of the Ministry issued the draft, Chinese power battery industry is scattered the situation need to change, the government should focus on the advantages of resources to support a large battery of several enterprises to participate in international competition."          

Wang Binggang said that China's power battery industry should learn from Japan and South Korea's development strategy - focus on cultivating a number of major resources, core technology, to participate in the international competition of battery enterprises. And at present, the South Korean battery on China's battery business is a very big threat.          

Gan Yong believes that the new version of the power battery specification to increase investment in high-quality companies, bigger and stronger. This is conducive to the further integration of the industry. This is not a concept with the existence of blind investment and low-level redundant construction before the industry. And taking into account the huge growth in the future of new energy vehicles, excess capacity is also not worth worrying about.          

China Automobile Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Xu Yanhua said in an interview, 8GWh capacity threshold may be based on the 2020 power lithium battery 100GWh market demand made. At present, the China Automobile Industry Association is collecting the views of enterprises, feedback to the Ministry of industry.          

In the first half of this year, the Ministry of industry made a battery enterprise capacity research, require companies to truthfully fill in the production capacity, 8GWh capacity threshold should also refer to the data reported by the battery enterprise. If the total demand in 2020 domestic power lithium battery is 100GWh, the minimum capacity of each battery company is 8GWh, then the total number of enterprises of the battery does not exceed 20, and the 3-5 will be the leading enterprises occupy a major share of the market. This is in line with the government would like to cultivate a few large battery companies, to participate in the global power battery market competition target.

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