Effect Of EIC System On Product Performance Test

- Dec 17, 2016-

In December 15th, the China automotive technology and Research Center, Shenzhen Pingshan New District Management Committee jointly organized the "2016 international new energy automobile user evaluation and application of innovation seminar, China automotive technology and research center of new energy lab director Wang Fangti" from the "three" system test product development direction "speech in view of the above problems, in detail.          

As we all know, electric vehicle technology testing includes vehicle safety, vehicle performance and vehicle energy consumption emissions, as well as key components of the test evaluation. In addition to the battery, motor and electric three, also extends to the evaluation content, charging charging system and interconnection charging safety problems." Wang Fang said.          

The first battery products, consistency and security of the Wang Fang cell system test and evaluation will be according to the electrical properties of battery to evaluate at the same time, the function of external battery protection and corrosion characteristics etc..          

In 2017 the country has a higher requirement on the battery energy density, Wang Fang also revealed that currently find the enterprises for detection of the single battery energy density reached 200wh/kg began to increase, but the comprehensive performance evaluation found that the consistency of these samples of manufacturing and system integration technology also need to improve. In particular, some fast charging fast release, energy sales repeated testing process consistency affects the overall battery performance.          

"After testing the battery samples, the safety problems found mainly include the following three aspects: vibration, extrusion and burning." Wang Fang said, "the vibration of shell rupture loose structure problems, and extrusion mainly two aspects, one is the lack of anti extrusion capacity outside the structure design, the two level of internal pressure speed arrangement is not reasonable. And the fire is the resistance of plastic plug electrical resistance."          

Recent electric bus safety technical conditions released, which specifically referred to the battery thermal runaway, thermal diffusion requirements          

Through reasonable design, the protection function device let thermal runaway no longer occur. In the test through the expansion and heating, require the battery within 5 minutes without fire does not explode, give personnel reserve time to escape.          

Wang Fang stressed that the battery is a system engineering, need from a single module to the system level to fully understand the characteristics of the electrochemical properties and electrochemical reaction process of the battery heat, to carry on the comprehensive assessment can eventually block the spread of heat, reduce the risk of fire accidents, get relatively good products.          

Also in powertrain testing. Only the motor test cannot completely put forward the whole product performance in the car, and now the products are highly integrated, performance characteristics of motor, President of different power system is completely different,          

"Therefore, we often cooperate with enterprises to do three motor or motor performance evaluation of the five, reliability evaluation, but also the development and optimization of control strategies to enhance." Wang Fang said.          

Finally, the charging module test includes connecting device and on-board charger. It is understood that last year released and implemented a number of relevant standards, but also reported the corresponding test specification, which referred to three test problems.          

For example, charging interface, material selection can not meet the requirements of the charging environment, low temperature easy cracking, high temperature deformation, etc.,          

At present, the integration of the key components of electric vehicles is becoming more and more obvious. Meanwhile, more and more attention is paid to the matching of electric motors and the evaluation of powertrain effects. Performance and security is a systems engineering that requires system matching to play a role.

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