Electric Car Battery Recycling System Is Expected To Be Established In 2020

- Jan 08, 2017-

In January 3rd, the State Council issued the "extended producer responsibility system implementation plan" put forward, to establish recycling system of electric vehicle battery use, and speed up the revision of recycling management regulations including scrap car recycling management approach.          

This scheme will range extended producer responsibility is defined as the development of ecological design, the use of recycled materials, standardize recycling and strengthen information disclosure in four aspects, first of electronic appliances, automobile, lead-acid batteries and packaging products such as the implementation of extended producer responsibility system, and clearly the various kinds of products including cars, the focus of the work.          

By 2020, the producer responsibility extension system related policy system initially formed, the product ecology design has made the significant progress, the key species waste product standard recycling and the recycling utilization rate achieves 40%. By 2025, the extended producer responsibility system to perfect relevant laws and regulations, implementation of product eco design, renewable raw materials of key products use ratio reached 20%, product specifications and recycling recovery rate reached an average of 50% abandoned. rechargeable and recycleable batteries includuing: