Electric Car Market Heat Up Again

- Nov 08, 2016-

According to Reuters reported that China's new electric car brand singularity this week will announce the successful financing of 600 million U.S. dollars, once again proved that Chinese enterprises to enter the pure electric car boom.          

Because of road congestion and air pollution and other issues, many cities in China have made a limit on the number of new car licenses. In Beijing, the implementation of "open one day a week less" policy on gasoline vehicles, but hybrid cars and pure electric vehicle battery based is not restricted.           

Shen Haiyin in an interview with the Reuters, said: "we are the target users of electric vehicles in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and other large cities of young people. Because the government's purchase of the policy, it is more difficult to buy cars in big cities. But if you buy a car, the situation is different, because the government is not limited to the purchase of electric vehicles. Young people are now science and technology, they will certainly tend to choose electric vehicles."          

China preferred Market Research and development of intelligent network electric vehicle industry, lower the threshold. Electric vehicles have also been used as a challenge even beyond the well-known car brand weapon". China car is somewhat similar to the current development situation of Detroit in the early twentieth Century, many new car prices rise, but from the beginning of 2020 Chinese will gradually stop subsidies for electric vehicles, most likely the survival rate of the severe impact of entrepreneurship of electric vehicles.

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