Electric Car Will Walk Towards Wireless Charging

- Aug 19, 2016-

Ternary battery safeness standard is undertaking: electric car will walk towards wireless charging


because of lithium ion battery has it's typical security characteristic, which does not mean e-car is not safe.

So in attempt to well control battery temperature, it should pay more attention to heat management, from heating, dissipation, isolation, to make sure battery is under proper temperature scope.


battery could only work in proper temperature scope, extreme low temperature will cause battery capacity can not released, extreme high temperature will lead battery to a series of burning.


besides, some battery material system could be withstand max temperature 300-400 degree, some will be smoke, and some will get fired.


generally, when temperature reached 15--250 degree, heat problem will be out of control, like isolate film break down and electrolyte burnt etc.