Electric Logistics Car Market In China Prosperous

- Dec 20, 2016-

With the development of the city logistics, and constantly improve the social logistics industry on the environment protection, government subsidies policy in a strong push, with new energy vehicle logistics zero emission and low cost will have very good development prospects. Electric logistics car is hot, the key points of the following seven points.

01: green environmental protection

The superposition of urban pollution and traffic pressure provides a broad space for the application of electric logistics vehicles in urban distribution. In addition, energy conservation as administrative leaders since the assessment, the local government's energy-saving emission reduction performance impulse also boosted the electric logistics vehicles in urban distribution and terminal logistics promotion;

02: end distribution

City distribution, logistics terminal short distance transportation and parking focused on the characteristics of good to avoid the application of new energy vehicles in short short mileage and charging facilities less, which has become the main reason for the popularity of the electric car logistics, a major OEMs have launched electric car concept city animal flow, freight is also the fiery;

03: reduce costs

Each big city truck limit line of new energy vehicles in the national policy push force environment has become an effective means to get to the end of the logistics, city distribution license, at the same time, electric car logistics compact models just for city distribution and terminal logistics enterprises, but also save the cost for them, reducing the last mile logistics cost;

04: profit margins

The passenger capacity tends to saturation, the fuel commercial vehicle market and weak current express industry barbaric growth, electricity supplier logistics, city distribution, terminal logistics industry booming contrast in the new energy subsidy policy stimulus, major OEMs to do everything possible to eat cake subsidies for new energy vehicles. Electric car logistics has become feasible, easy to operate, quickly open the market, rapid tool for the adjustment of industrial structure, has become a fat profit improvement of the host plant;

05: regulate the industry

Barbaric growth and chaos phenomena Express has entered the industrial integration stage, improve the working environment to prevent accidents of motorcycle courier, courier delivery, make decent work, improve work efficiency become the voice of the express industry's largest electric car logistics, compact models, low cost operation becomes the best choice to promote the courier industry upgrading, electric logistics the car has appeared in the major media in the demonstration of the application of the express industry news headlines;

06: policy support

Intensive strong policy tonic for electric car logistics industry original hot hot play a booster. Since last year, especially in the first half of this year, the state introduced a series of policies to vigorously promote the development of electric logistics car industry.

07: national pilot

The Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of finance city joint distribution into the modern service industry pilot has two identified 22 pilot city, in the pilot work for 4 consecutive years, the city established a reasonable and efficient distribution system, improve the city distribution network, but also the growth of a number of city logistics enterprises, which provides the first the precondition to better promote the use of electric vehicles logistics in city logistics system.


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