Electric Super Run EP9 NIO Big Secret Release

- Nov 22, 2016-

The evening of November 21st, the car held its first electric supercar EP9 located in London's Museum of art, to live webcast with interactive venue in the form of English released a new brand "NIO", a new brand identity and brand new Slogan.      

Electric super run EP9 NIO is made by lithium ion batteries.    

The car since the announcement of cars since there has always been a dream for the speed, parameters of the official press conference, NIO EP9 is equipped with 4 sets of high performance motor and 4 independent gearbox, peak power output of 1360 Ps (1000kW - H), 0-200 km acceleration time of 7.1 seconds, the speed can reach 313KPH. For a super sports car, the most important three elements are: high performance power assembly, the aerodynamic design of the scientific and high-speed stability of the chassis frame. It is reported that the beginning of the EP9 NIO design to take into account the aerodynamics. The body of the low carbon fiber chassis built, considering the aerodynamic body back to port, and adopts DRS adjustable spoiler wing control system.

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