Energy Storage Market Good In Europrea, USA And Asia

- Jan 12, 2017-

The second half of 2016, the rise of the British storage market to some extent offset the impact of the United States, Japan and South Korea market slowdown. In addition to more favorable policies and the promotion of lithium-ion battery prices, the market is also more aware of the various applications of energy storage capacity, these factors are conducive to the development of energy storage capacity in the uk.          

Global scope: the second half of 2016, the world's new energy storage capacity of nearly 900MW, continuing the growth since the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2014. 2016 (as of December 20, 2016), more than 500MW of the world's energy storage capacity of the plant began to serve. In addition, the 200MW capacity has been identified in 2016 planning service date, and is most likely to begin service in early 2017 or will soon start serving.           North America: prospects for the U.S. energy storage market remain bright. Although President Trump has brought some uncertainty, but the rise of energy storage market driven largely depends on the state of the local government. Massachusetts is likely to become the nation's third mandatory installation energy storage capacity of the region, the earliest will be implemented in 2017.          

Europe: in 2016, the British capacity market auction T-4 501MW energy storage capacity, the size of more than other markets in europe. In Germany and Italy in the market, the energy storage capacity continues to be profitable.          

Asia: the second half of 2016, due to the new policy to Japan, South Korea and other countries in the energy storage capacity before the continuation of the momentum of development, and China a highly anticipated storage capacity to support the project ultimately did not take place, the Asian energy market activities began to gradually weaken. In addition, India's energy storage capacity will be postponed to tender. However, there are some positive signals in Asia, Southeast Asia, energy storage capacity has increased, energy storage batteries like: