Era Lithium

- Aug 08, 2016-

2015 Chinese New Energy E-car annual sales record break 350,000pcs. They are using lithium ion batteries, no lead, no mercury, no cadmium. That is called New Energy E-car, eco-environment.

However, the main stream way of energy storage is still Lead-Acid Batteries, only cost 1/10 of lithium batteries. It’s pretty cheap. But heavy, big and toxic.

The Youth News, reports on 2015-2-15, said with the development of society customers are willing to pay more attention to quality, outlook, performance and smart etc. These requirements can be only realized with lithium batteries, which is small, light but high density and smart compared with Lead-Acid batteries. BMS help lithium batteries to be smart, but Lead-Acid batteries can not do that.

Lithium batteries will replace Lead-Acid batteries not only in E-cars, E-bikes, but also in Solar Energy store, Communication Base Station Energy Store, Big Numerical Center and Bank UPS Energy store etc.