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- Nov 16, 2016-

What is the difficulty of dynamic mixing?          

Car engines and motor vehicles have been more than 100 years of history, its technology has been quite mature. Arguably, the mechanical force between the output (drive) were superimposed, in accordance with the principle of the two middle school physics to force to force. But in the two car will force up, is a very difficult thing. The main reason is:          

1) the car is a movement of the object, there are conditions of the characteristics of the. It has a start, acceleration, deceleration, idle, etc.. He told the requirements of dynamic force, not static.          

2) to the engine requirements, not only to provide adaptive power, but also the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. And the indicators are getting higher and higher. One is to fuel consumption from 8 to one hundred kilometers down to the following 5 oil; two is to meet the needs of the country to meet the requirements of the 6. Experts give the answer is that the two requirements have reached the theoretical value of the upper limit of the Two

3) different power devices have the power to be mixed to reach the requirements of the modern car conditions, but also has a mixed efficiency requirements.          

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the hybrid is not the traditional meaning of the engine and the traditional sense of the motor, the output of the power of mechanical mixing. The dynamic mixing of the modern automobile must be the advanced engine system technology and advanced motor system, the output power of the two mixed, the index is also the most advanced.          

To sum up, there are three difficult points: first, the level of the engine system is the most advanced; the two is the most advanced level of the motor system; the three is the dynamic mixing mechanism must also be the most advanced.

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