Executive Vice Center Electric Bus Order

- Dec 21, 2016-

19 this month, Beijing City, Tongzhou District government procurement network issued a "Beijing city Tongzhou district bus clean energy to replace government procurement projects (electric bus)" bid announcement, BYD mould Co. Ltd. winning 350 electric buses, the total bid amount of RMB 294 million yuan. Including 8 meters pure electric bus 66, pure electric buses 10 meters 284, models for BYD K7 and K8.


As the first batch of national new urbanization pilot areas, in July 2015, Tongzhou approved the sub center of the capital city, has been clearly defined in order to ring Tianjin Development "bridgehead". By 2017, the whole or part of the Beijing municipal administrative institutions moved to Tongzhou, then also will bring about 400 thousand people to ease Tongzhou.


However, according to the Department of the tram understanding, as of now, in addition to the Beijing municipal bus arrival or route to Tongzhou, Tongzhou belonged to the bus did not merged into the Beijing municipal public transport system, while operating in the administrative area of the 906 square kilometers of the bus, mostly 6-8 meters of the diesel version of the old models. With the status of the administrative sub center continued to strengthen, belonged to the bus system that cannot meet the overall future travel demand of Tongzhou District residents.

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