First Electric Car Battery Replace Standard In The World

- Aug 18, 2016-

First electric car battery replace standard in the world.


Nanrui Group first lead and edit IEC TS 62840-1, which was issued on July 12th.


this standard replacement the empty of electric car battery replacement system.

And increased our international effectiveness in electric car battery replacement field.


battery charging and replacement are both supplement of electric car, also restrict the development of electric car.


Battery replacement plays important role in real application scene, such public bus, electric taxi.


this standard will give a reference for battery replacement, battery replacement station, battery pack, and also give standard reliance on basic frame structure, composition and classification of e-car battery replacement.


meanwhile, standard will share practical examples for analysis and resolution of battery replacement.


therefore, this stand will push e-car industry developing in a healthy way, and push chinese battery industry into a new stage strip off the reliance of foreign standard. that is perspective and of guidance function.