Fraunhofer ISE Multi Junction Solar Cell Efficiency Of 30.2%

- Jan 20, 2017-

Fraunhofer ISE and Australia's EV Group (EVG), by direct wafer bonding (direct wafer bounding) technology, the theoretical limit of breakthrough silicon solar cell, the 35 semiconductor material for silicon micro metastasis.          

Researchers at Fraunhofer ISE and EVG convert several micron 35 group semiconductor materials into silicon by direct wafer bonding process.          

From the outside, solar cells look the same, and their complexity is limited to their internal operations. This can be integrated into standard PV modules, just like ordinary silicon solar cells.          

Fraunhofer ISE department head Frank Dimroth, said: we are studying the theoretical limits beyond the silicon solar cell approach. With long-term experience in silicon and III-V technology, we can achieve this milestone."          

Fraunhofer ISE and EVG junction in the 4 square centimeter area of silicon solar cell conversion efficiency up to 30.2%, far more than the efficiency of recording 26.3% pure silicon solar battery current, and also more than the silicon solar cell efficiency limit theory 29.4%. when this new developement become applicable for production, from up to down industrial chain, lithium ion batteries for solar led street light, solar power energy store would be definitely enhanced, such as