From New Energy Buses Demenstration Program To See Good Quality Lithium Ion Batteries Application

- Aug 13, 2017-

China has the world's largest new energy buses demenstration program. There are now 7 types:          

First, long and slow mileage pure electric buses. This is also one of the most widely used at present. The mileage is 200-300 kilometers, and it is mainly charged at night. The main problem is that the vehicle cost is higher, the delivery efficiency is low, and the larger charging area is needed at night.          

Second, for electric type pure electric bus. Mileage of about 100 kilometers. The main problem is that the investment in the power station is relatively large, and it needs to buy additional batteries, which has higher comprehensive cost.          

Third, fast charging type pure electric bus. With high specific power battery, the battery is fast charging and less battery loading, higher carrying efficiency, longer battery life and lower comprehensive cost.          

Fourth, online charging electric buses. Starting from Beijing and Shanghai, using the urban trolley bus infrastructure, about half of the mileage is charged while driving and the remaining mileage is powered by the on-board storage system. The advantage is that the existing urban trolleybus infrastructure can be used with high carrying efficiency and low comprehensive cost. The main problem is that infrastructure needs to be built in cities without trolleybus systems.          

Fifth kinds of plug-in hybrid buses. Characterized by low fuel consumption, the drawback is not zero emissions. The size of the holdings is very large.          

Sixth kinds of additional electric cars and seventh kinds of mobile charging vehicles. At present, the size of both is relatively small.

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