Fuel Cell Vehicle Production Is Expected In 2020

- Jan 04, 2017-

Recently issued the "13th Five-Year" national strategic emerging industry development plan "for the development of fuel cell vehicles placed higher expectations, compared with the" 12th Five-Year "plan, the new planning emphasis mentioned: to propulsion system of fuel cell vehicle research and development and industrialization; promote the high performance and low key components of the fuel cell materials and system development; promote onboard hydrogen storage and hydrogen preparation, storage and filling technology development, promote the construction of hydrogen refueling station. Planning is also clear that by 2020, to achieve fuel cell vehicle mass production and scale demonstration applications.          

Compared with the lithium battery technology, hydrogen fuel cell technology in environmental protection, mileage, fuel consuming aspects of more potential advantages. And the chemical reaction process of the fuel cell can not produce harmful substances, and the energy conversion efficiency is higher than that of the internal combustion engine. In recent years, TOYOTA, Hyundai, Honda and other car giants are actively developing advanced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, some car companies have realized the production and listing of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.          

It is understood that there are already a number of Listed Companies in the layout of the fuel cell vehicle industry. As of November 17th last year, with the international PlugPower, rich Reiter installed hydrogen fuel cell enterprises of a domestic special vehicle Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation framework agreement, intends to carry out strategic cooperation in the promotion and application of fuel cell vehicle logistics demonstration, the demonstration application completed 13500 fuel cell commercial vehicle target in three years, which was completed in 2017 500 car.

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