G20 Summit Anticipate Flow Chart Of 2016

- Sep 04, 2016-

Benefit from the lower reaches of new energy vehicles hot market, lithium battery industry chain is undergoing tremendous changes, lithium enterprises generally full orders performance gains across the board, investment expansion project in the. According to incomplete statistics, in 2015 the field of power battery added 100 billion yuan investment, and in 2016 a quarter of new investment of nearly 10 billion yuan, while material investment is increasing, equipment integration began to highlight the signs.  Meanwhile, Shenzhen SNOLI electronic co.,ltd,  a professional group for litium ion battery pack , especially cylindrical Li-ion battery , Li-ion polymer battery pack and LiFePO4 battery. Through years of hard work and efforts in this field , is also trying their best to offer best quality lithium batteries to fullfill the empty space of qualified power batteries to intelligent power industry. we have successfully developed several series and over five hundreds product , including Li-ion battery pack PCM , Li-ion polymer battery pack, LiFePO4 battery PCM , and related product like capacity display PCB and charging management PCB , etc. Our main technology make us confident in offering first class product especially for high power and high drain battery pack.



Is the so-called "the Fu Fu Xi disaster", with "good" lithium industry, such as new energy vehicles safety accidents and expenses scandal fermentation problems surfaced, and all aspects of the industry chain of large-scale "tunneling", the domestic power battery market is gradually eroded, South Korea battery technology roadmap mutation phenomenon also makes insiders worry.                       

The G20- summit around the "2016 lithium lithium industry segments development trend", "battery technology roadmap dispute and supply chain opportunities", "from the production line automation to intelligent plant, further expansion of industry in the next three years the influence of other topics, while the formation of segments of" and "capital of the United to promote industry association" published a proposal. We offer all kind of 



A consensus of the participating enterprises, 2016 lithium industry situation continues to improve, expansion is a rational decision to conform to the situation, but the pace of expansion to steady, attention to changes in quality and scale of the driving drive. The other can not be ignored is that the lithium industry also faces structural overcapacity, raw material price fluctuations, the international competition to snatch the risk, promote the optimization of collaborative cooperation is helpful to avoid the risk of supply chain, production upgrade.


2015 new energy automobile production 379 thousand, an increase of 400% in 2016, the new energy automotive industry market will continue to be hot market. Minister of the Ministry of industry and the Ministry of industry recently announced that China's new energy vehicles have entered a period of growth, new energy vehicles represent the direction of industrial adjustment is expected this year than last year, more than doubling the growth. There is no doubt that the current rapid growth of new energy vehicles has become the largest lithium power industry development, gave birth to the field of power battery, material and equipment investment and expansion tide. on the other hand, 



As a leading enterprise in the various segments of the industry chain of lithium, lithium G20- member enterprises from their own experience of expression for the development of the industry trend, and share the reference value of management decision.

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