GB Low Speed Electric Vehicles: Lead-acid Batteries Or Out

- Jan 02, 2017-

Is the lead acid, or lithium? Battery types have become the most controversial issue in the field of low-speed electric vehicles. According to relevant sources, in the recently held "the four round of low-speed electric car standard working group of the second meeting on the business side strongly demands the low battery car allows the use of lead-acid batteries, and opposition from industry experts are urging" or died this heart". From the discussion of the situation, although it has the characteristics of small, low-speed electric car speed, but it still has the passenger attributes, so the preparation of the draft standard with "safety is not decreased as compared with that of the traditional principle of passenger car, and will not reduce the requirements in terms of security, but according to its special properties the size, weight, power, and other aspects of the request. It is understood that the draft temporary lead-acid battery shut out, but also from this principle, taking into account not only the safety of road traffic, but also the safety of the social environment.          

At present, the market in the low-speed electric car, there are about 90% more than the use of lead-acid batteries, equipped with lithium battery models rarely, but once the standard landing, and must use lithium batteries, will inevitably impact on many in business, is not only the product cost is difficult to control, and even entire models are needed to design, research and development. "Low cost, in line with the three or four tier cities and rural consumption levels." In the opinion of many low-speed electric car manufacturers, in order to meet the market demand, should not be banned lead-acid batteries in low-speed electric field position, on the other hand, they also believe that the development of lead-acid battery has been quite mature, the recovery system has already reached a high level.

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