Germany BOSCH Is Expected To Build Lithium Battery Plant In China

- Sep 08, 2016-

Whether from the car ownership, or car sales data, China has become the world's largest new energy vehicle market. Where there is a demand, where there is the market, driven by the interests of many foreign battery suppliers have come to China to build factories.


Field. Where there is a demand, where there is the market, driven by the interests of many foreign battery suppliers have come to China to build factories. Before there are Samsung, LG, now, the German BOSCH also want to invest in China to build a lithium battery-ion battery factory, the production of power batteries to supply the market in china.SNL is a  SNL is a 


Speaking of the German BOSCH group, we are certainly not unfamiliar. As the world's largest automotive technology supplier, BOSCH focuses on precision mechanical and electrical engineering, has been known for its innovative cutting-edge products and systems solutions. In the power battery technology, BOSCH in 2014 acquired a new company in California, the United States - Seeo. It is understood that Seeo has a leading battery technology, in particular, a new type of solid state batteries.


Through a number of research and development centers around the world, BOSCH announced that it has developed a liquid electrolyte does not contain lithium battery batteries. The battery does not require a cooling system, and unlike the traditional lithium battery fire risk. In addition, BOSCH also announced that it will launch a new solid-state electric car battery by 2020, can make the mileage of electric vehicles doubled, while the cost of half.          


In fact, before BOSCH, South Korea's Samsung, LG, as well as Japan's Panasonic are in China to build power battery base and plant. The three battery Chinese giants to enter the market, has attracted no small panic now, another BOSCH, will have a huge impact on the domestic battery business, if the cost of technology can not keep up, do not drop down, then the position in jeopardy.


Will be organized to carry out the risk assessment of ternary lithium battery, before the assessment is completed, the suspension of ternary lithium battery bus included in the new energy vehicles to promote the application of recommended models directory."           

New energy vehicles in the early stages of the development of the probability of a larger accident, so the relevant departments of the battery industry is relatively cautious attitude can understand. But before the analysis of the security of different materials, let us look at the current domestic battery companies, markets, and the situation.SNL offers 2s lithium battery as well,          


The technical route throughout the country, China battery enterprises in the battery field layout is mostly based on the lithium battery iron phosphate battery, but with the new energy vehicles on the mileage requirements increase, domestic battery enterprises began to accelerate research and development in the field of lithium battery batteries ternary. Although different types of power batteries can be produced according to customer needs, but in the final analysis, there is no type of power battery technology lines have an overwhelming advantage.           


And the current domestic battery manufacturing investment, technical threshold is low, although many enterprises, but mainly to small and medium enterprises. And the battery industry to higher security requirements, from material selection, process to design, it must be strictly controlled, the scale of the enterprise and the funds have a higher requirement. Therefore, a large number of small and medium enterprises to invest in the industry is not a good thing, the future or will become the hidden dangers of industrial development.           


Next, we come to discuss the next issue of the technical route, which is a hot issue, that is, security. To be honest, although the safety of ternary of lithium battery is lithium battery iron phosphate less, but in terms of energy density, ternary of lithium battery is much bigger than the latter. And the safety of the standard is not only in the battery, but the entire power battery system design is safe. The BMS (battery management system), TMS, fuse protection, thermal barrier, structure integration, to ensure the safety of multiple settings in the design group. Therefore, it is not appropriate to simply think that the battery of three materials is not safe and not comprehensive, and with the continuous progress of technology, the problem is gradually being solved.


Foreign enterprise advantage obvious local battery enterprises should be how to deal with           

Samsung, LG, Matsushita and BOSCH and other major foreign battery manufacturers coming, the reason why the domestic battery business is so nervous because they see this a few big advantage, which is why LG, Matsushita and other battery manufacturers to attract a large number of car manufacturers. They have a great advantage in the consistency, stability, cycle life and other aspects of the battery, so the attractiveness of the lower reaches of the vehicle factory. Using LG chemistry as an example, it is not only Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan and other auto giants suppliers, including the Great Wall automobile, Changan automobile, Chery automobile, SAIC and other car manufacturers are also in the order to concertrate on new wave of lithum batteries, SNL company makes efforts much on 3s lithium battery, which applicated in solar energy and ups backup source well,including                    


Mentioned, since the safety problems can be solved, then the "electric bus stop ternary lithium battery" this move is difficult not to think: this one seems to have the protection of local enterprises "selfishness", to suppress the foreign lithium battery enterprises. After all, if the limit of ternary of lithium battery applications in commercial vehicles, the biggest beneficiaries will be the domestic flagship lithium battery iron phosphate battery production enterprises. (in South Korea as the representative of the foreign battery enterprises flagship ternary lithium battery and take the low-cost route)           


In this regard, the South Korean government does not sit, will be held in Korea shortly after the commerce minister talks, China will change ternary lithium battery challenged bus subsidy policy, what would happen when the outcome of the negotiations. Policy is essential to the development of the industry, on the current point of view, the battery industry to better development needs to rely on government support and subsidies to a large extent.           

In fact, the technical route itself is not good or bad points. As technology advances, the ternary battery will be more and more secure, and the energy density of lithium battery iron phosphate will gradually increase. At present, the industry is facing the biggest problem is not to discuss the safety of different materials, and should focus on more important battery design, corporate governance and industrial scale, to strengthen product.

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