Global Solid State Battery Situation

- Oct 29, 2016-

Global all solid state battery enterprises in Europe more famous is Bollor, it uses the polymer electrolyte system. Samsung uses a sulfide electrolyte system. Energy Quantum and Scape Solid, two U.S. startups, respectively, based on polymer ionic liquid composite electrolyte and ceramic gel composite electrolyte.           Relatively speaking, the technology is more mature, the technology is more deep precipitation is the French Bollor e, the United States Sakti3 and TOYOTA. These three also represent the typical technology development direction of polymer, oxide and sulfide three solid electrolyte.          

No matter which kind of solid electrolyte is used, the key problem of mass transfer can not be avoided. Especially the ionic conduction, ion conduction which includes both the electrolyte body, ion conduction within the electrode, and the electrode and electrolyte interface on the ion conduction, play the three parts for metal all solid state lithium battery performance is critical.

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