Graphene And 3D Printing How To Subvert The Lithium-ion Battery Industry

- Dec 29, 2016-

The concept of graphene and 3D printing, we are not unfamiliar, especially in a period of time before the event, graphene is to let HUAWEI battery graphene on the relevant aspects of the events in the teeth of the storm, although have clarified, the media also made the HUAWEI exhaust all the skills for interpretation of graphene, but this does not prevent graphene the majority of the crowd on the HUAWEI battery with relish, commenting, a time for the masses to the HUAWEI Paragon in China, enterprise innovation technology pioneer, limelight. 3D printing technology also in recent years as the rapid rise is not only the general bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the traditional plastic material, and some metal materials can be printed, applications from the civilian, extended to industrial and aerospace fields, in some aircraft engine production will use to the 3D printing technology, for the production of some parts with complex shapes that greatly improves the rate of finished products, reduce the difficulty of processing.          

So these two kinds of high-end technology if applied in lithium-ion batteries will produce any subversive effect? The strict sense, the electrode coating of lithium ion battery is a kind of "2.5D printing technology", because the electrode coating process can control the thickness, but can not control the shape of the coating machine is actually a huge printer. The rapid development of 3D printing technology, many previously unattainable vision become a reality, imagine, one day when you need a lithium ion battery, you only need to download the design from the Internet into the 3D printer, you can directly obtain a complete lithium ion battery, is not very cool?

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