Graphene Energy Storage Material Is Expected To Be Applied To Hydrogen Energy Vehicles

- Nov 13, 2016-

Build the edifice ceiling and floor with graphene, with boron nitride nanotubes "walls and pillars", "separated hydrogen atoms in that room" - this is the new research scientists in the United States may be issued in the future application of new energy vehicles, energy storage materials.          

In order to make a practical hydrogen light vehicle fuel, the U.S. Department of energy has set the standard for the storage of materials: the current goal of developing economical storage medium, the hydrogen storage mass of more than 5.5% of the mass storage medium at room temperature, the hydrogen capacity of more than 40 grams per liter; the long-term goal is the quality index of 7.5% and the per liter capacity index 70 grams.          

The United States Rice University researchers at the American Chemical Society a new phase of the "report" Langmuir magazine said, with boron nitride nanotubes support new material graphene layer structure development is expected to achieve even more than the long-term goal, may be an ideal material for the new energy automotive fuel storage hydrogen future.          

Through the computer model, the researchers calculated the strength and toughness of the columnar graphene layer, and then the boron nitride nanotubes were added to the graphene layers, and the unique three-dimensional structure model of the hydrogen atom can be stored.          

In order to test the optimal state of the storage and release of hydrogen atoms, the researchers have added an oxygen or a lithium element in this new structure. The results show that the new material with the addition of oxygen element in the room temperature and atmospheric pressure is stronger, the quality index has reached 11.6%, and the capacity index is 60 grams per liter.          

Researchers said that the structure of this new material is very durable, can easily reach the United States Department of energy on the hydrogen fuel tanks can be charged and discharged 1500 times the indicator.

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