Graphene Is Also A Kind Of Lithium Ion Battery

- Jan 02, 2017-

Graphene as a super material, with excellent electrochemical and mechanical properties, has attracted wide attention, in 2015, the state of general secretary Shi Moxi Xi Jinping during a visit to a trip to London is specially visited of the University of Manchester in England, and made a high evaluation of the material with super special performance, then HUAWEI company announced it will invest millions of pounds of research and the Research Institute of application of graphene in the field of information and communications technology deployment.          

In the domestic A-share market has also set off a concept of A material speculation storm.          

In fact, most of the graphene battery is only a small amount of graphene as lithium ion battery conductive agent, adding amount of less than 1%, essentially ion or lithium batteries, but in graphene as a publicity stunt, and some time ago speculation HUAWEI graphene battery, only with graphene as a radiating auxiliary means the lithium ion battery, lithium ion battery at high temperature to enhance working ability, graphene does not take part in the electrochemical reaction inside the lithium ion battery, the strict sense can only be called graphene enhanced lithium ion battery.          

Yang Quanhong, a professor at Tianjin University, is a senior scholar in the graphene industry, published in 2012 in Nano Energy article, the use of graphene as a lithium ion battery conductive agent advantages and disadvantages. In the study of young teachers, the use of commercial 10Ah LiFePO4/ graphite square lithium ion battery. Research shows that with a small amount (1%) of the graphene conductive agent to replace the traditional lithium ion battery, not only can improve the material ratio, can significantly reduce the impedance of lithium ion battery, but because the lamellar structure of graphene, the rapid diffusion of Li+ formation is greatly hindered, so in large current discharge (>3C), will have a great influence to the polarization of lithium ion battery, discharge capacity of lithium ion battery.          

This study shows that graphene as conductive agent suitable for use in some of the lithium ion battery charge and discharge rate of less demanding occasions, graphene added can improve significantly the proportion of active substances, reduce the electrode resistance, enhance the energy density of lithium-ion batteries, but in some graphene is not suitable for application in power (the battery charge and discharge rate of >3C) as conductive agent.

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